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Type: ET31
Digital countdown timer with clock
Digital clock panel switch
Display description

1. hours-minutes section
2. clock mode symbol
3. time indicator
4. timer mode symbol
5. minutes-seconds section
6. CLOCK SET button
7. MODE button
8. TIMER SET button

- voltage 85V-265V AC – 16A/250V
- timing programmable until 99 min.-59 sec
- keeping settled working time memory
- 20 sec. sound signal at the end of the timing
- snap in front fixing
- panel hole: mm 52,60x63,00
- product size: mm 57x67,50x34,10
- panel thickness: mm 1,60
- frame colour: mat transparent brown
- red led display
- display numbers height: mm 6
- buttons colour: standard black
- ambient temperature: -40°C +120°C
- approvals: CE - ROHS


1) When switching on the timer, the symbol of the clock appears.
Push the button CLOCK SET for setting the present time: at first the hours will flash for 3 seconds, set then the time by using the same
button (if the buttons is kept pushed, the time will rapidly increase). Afterwards, automatically, the minutes will flash. Repeat the
operation within 3 seconds, otherwise the display will automatically memorize what appears on it.
In this way the time is set.

2) For setting the timer, push the button TIMER SET. The symbol of the timer (“fire”) will appear and the minutes will start flashing.
Set now the working time by following the previous procedure of setting the required time.
At the end, clock function will appear again.
Push the button MODE for starting the countdown. At the end of the countdown, a sound signal will ring for 20 seconds.
Then the timer goes back to clock function.
If the timing is not changed, every time the button MODE is pushed, the timer will repeat the operation, because it keeps the timing
previously set in memory.
It is possible to stop the countdown by pushing the button MODE. In this way the timer will go back to clock function, but it keeps the
memory of the set countdown.
Repeat the operation no. 2, if you wish to change the countdown.

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